Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We also shot pictures of this beautiful family...  The Fuentes family. They are such nice people and this is why I love my job so much because it doesn't feel like a job when I get to meet such great people.  It was such a fun time and the day was nice and warm. They're from TX so they wanted the beautiful colors of fall that Utah has to offer.   The last one is my favorite... Why?  Because I love taking candid shots more than anything. But for Christmas/Holiday cards, go ahead and strike a pose.  

Fall's beautiful colors

I was so glad when my oldest son and his beautiful girlfriend agreed to have me take a few pictures of them this fall.  I mostly take just fun shots of him but haven't done any real portraits of him in a while.  What a beautiful couple.  We took these up Ogden canyon where we were able to find one bright red tree to snap these pictures.  The colors are a little less vibrant this year due to the dry summer,  I'm guessing.  I love this time of the year for the colors and the nice cool days to shoot.