Friday, November 22, 2013


We were so blessed to have our cousins from Arizona visit us. They gave up their yearly trip to the beach to reconnect with our family. I did a short and sweet photo session for her and her husband in my backyard. Just a few shots to remember their trip to Utah. We had a blast. Growing up... her and her sister were such amazing role models for me. They are both successful strong women that taught me so much. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

White Christmas

I'm not trying to hurry the snow but the first big snow storm of the year is always beautiful. And a white Christmas is a must but after that it can snow up in the mountains all it wants. I took this picture of my son last year at Layton's duck pond after the 1st snow fall. I put a Vintage action on it and turned it into a Christmas Card. I'm thinking about running a special for a Mini Photo Session -.$75.00. Immediate family, couples, kids, etc. 6 Edited pictures, the DVD with printing privileges so you can make Christmas cards or Wall Prints to give away as gifts. I love the back ground.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Mentor - Andee Tate - Crave My Photography

Who is my Photography mentor???  Andee Tate,  from Crave My Photography.  She is worth her weight in gold.  It would have taken me years to learn what I learned from her in an afternoon.  You see my portraits, ladies having creamy skin, colors being bold, rich and vibrant.  Use of several different actions, beautiful eyes that sparkle. Yes she showed me all this and so much more.  She is known world wide for her work.  Check her out, you will be inspired.  She is having a give away and I'm hoping my stars are still lined up.  Wish me luck!!!  

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you Veterans

Wow I'm sitting here trying my best to type this message through my tears. Just being truly thankful for every Veteran that has ever served. Listening to the radio and hearing the voices of their loved ones that can't express their sorrow enough for those they lost.  Those that were drafted and those that volunteered. My dad, Alfred Salas served in WW II.  I'm also remembering my other family members and friends who served. I have always looked at our Military men and women with admiration. We could never possibly thank our Veterans for all that they have sacrificed for us all here at home to be safe and enabling us to create our own life and to go after our dreams while they are having to put their own dreams on hold. Now that you are back, coming back or never came back... we owe you so much. Thank you Past, Present and Future Veterans for everything you have done and are continuing to do for us all.   -   Enjoy your day, our Military is making it possible.