Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Funny story behind this picture. I entered this picture in Hill Air Force Base's 2010 photo contest. The theme was "Patriotism". I was told that the panel cried when they saw this picture and selected it as their Grand Prize winner. Well our Colonel called me up on stage to receive the award and asked me to explain to everyone the story behind this picture. I could have lied but I had to tell the truth... It was a super bright sunny day when I took this picture and my son INSISTED on wearing his Batman sun glasses for the shoot. I said "No way bud, not for this picture, you have to show patriotism". So his face looks patriotic but it's actually his "I want to wear my Batman sunglasses" look!!!! Everyone was laughing their heads off at my story. That's what happens when you tell the truth sometimes. But I have to say my son's room is everything AIR FORCE, ARMY, NAVY, MARINES etc. because he loves our miliatary and so do I!

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