Thursday, June 6, 2013

4th of July - Mommy and Me session

Summer has finally arrived, Memorial Day has passed & the 4th of July is just around the corner.  Fireworks, running through the sprinklers and lots and lots of watermelon.  I shoot this 4th of July – Mommy and Me session the other day. Meet little Dylan and Mommy Danielle. I always enjoy my photo sessions but this little guy had me laughing out loud.  You’ve gotta take a look at his big beautiful blue eyes! Got goose bumps when uploaded & I saw the pictures of him holding the flag.  His Mommy titled it, “Daddy, I’m Coming Home”.  This session screams summer and it’s the perfect time for a Father’s Day gift. Dylan’s daddy is currently serving in the Military.  I can’t wait until he gets to see these pictures of his beautiful wife and his big boy.  It was a pleasure to meet them both. My family and I would like to thank everyone that has served in the military, past and present for your unselfish sacrifice so that we all can enjoy our freedom.  And the wives that are holding down the fort here at home raising these beautiful children.  Without these brave men and women, I would not be doing something that I absolutely love… creating works of art.  DBL Click.

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