Thursday, September 5, 2013

Young Love

I'm wanted to share a few pictures that I took last weekend up Ogden Canyon. What a cute engagement couple. Thanks Lalo and Brittanie for being such great sports.  They didn’t even question a single strange request I had.  I love open minded clients.  Wishing you two all the happiness life has to offer. 
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I loved riding horse when I was a kid so I think I'm "gonna" take another drive up there and get a few more pictures of these beautiful animals. They made perfect props for this couple's engagement pictures. It was such a fun photo shoot even if I had to dodge the doo doo.

What a fun football picture. Sporting their team's jerseys. I LOVE this idea. I'm going to have to find more couples that are die hard football fans. The sky was totally gray that day so I added some Happy Little Clouds. Does anyone remember who I borrowed that line from? Actually they look a little angry... the clouds, not the couple.


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