Tuesday, February 11, 2014

San Fernando Cathedral - San Antonio

I just came back from one of my favorite places to visit.  The culture and music there is incredible and don't get me started on the food.  I have plenty of places listed on my bucket list that I haven't checked off yet but boy have I been so blessed to have visited so many places this far.  I took this picture with my husband's iPhone.  What...???  a photographer not taking her expensive camera with her. Yes, sad but true.  It was just a quick 5 day trip and I really wasn't thinking of all of the beauty that is over there. It drove me bonkers not having my camera with me. Not to self... bring it next time, even if it's a day trip. I have several pictures to edit so more to come.  This is a picture of the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio "After" & "Before" in HDR. It's a stunning building and I had see what I could do in HDR with it.  I love how the sun is peeking out just a tad.  I might have to print this one on canvas. 

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