Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Swept off her feet

One more shot from this Engagement session.  Oh to be swept off my feet again... Oh to be light enough to be swept off my feet again, even better. But I am getting there.  I recently lost my baby weight, almost 20 pounds.  Oh ya, my baby is 9 years old now.  So it took me a little longer than I had hoped for but I did it and boy does it feel great.  Now back to this shot.  I'm not a big fan of clouds for myself but some pictures just look amazing with a little extra pop in the skies. I think this is just that picture.  I love using clouds with kids and youngsters.  Especially when they are in love because for some unknown reason, the skies always look a little prettier when you're in love.  I can feel Spring is in the air.  My favorite time of the year. 

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