Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mr. and Mrs.

  I had the pleasure of being the photographer at my beautiful cousin's wedding.  And to my new cousin, Welcome to the family.  This family is priceless to me and will be to you too I'm sure.  She used her grandmother's wedding dress.  The dress is 62 yrs old. I cried all day but told everyone my allergies were acting up.  There was so much love, you could feel it in the air.   This is just a quick edit but I wanted to post a picture of this beautiful couple. This place was gorgeous.  Thank you for  the opportunity to allow me to help you capture this precious time of your life.  Maybe your granddaughter can use this same dress.  All our love to you and your family.   Please click to enlarge and see all of the pictures from this special session.  

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