Thursday, October 8, 2015

Making Memories

It's been too long since my last blog but stay tuned for a lot more pictures to come.  Fall is my busy time of the year and I have been creating a lot of memories for my clients this month.  Some new and some past clients.  I love seeing their beautiful children grow up right before my eyes.  Here is an "AFTER" and "BEFORE".   It reminds me a little of a Thomas Kinkade painting. Just a fun one I took during this beautiful couple's session.  You can't tell from behind but they're expecting their first little one.  The big brother is right beside them.  We took these pictures by a ski resort I use to ski at years ago.  Unfortunately the leave had already fallen but it always amazes me how much color I can find with a little help friend... Photoshop.  The sun was going down so we had to work really fast to walk to our last spot but I just had to take a couple of pictures with them walking to our final spot of the evening.  Have you ever taken a picture and just knew that it was going to be magical when you see it.  This was one of those pictures.  How many times have you seen an old picture and it gave you a goose bumps or a smile just because.  Well I hope this will be one of those pictures for this very special couple. I wish you both all the best life has to offer.   


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